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resolutions2014Every new year, I sit down and think of the things I want to accomplish by the end of the year and I make a list of resolutions.  Past resolutions have been to learn how to scuba dive, learn to knit, and to visit a new place…just to name a few.  This year, I kept it simple with little things I want to do to better myself.  I’ve been asking pretty much everyone I know what their resolutions are and more often than not they answer with, I don’t make resolutions.  Maybe it’s the fear of not accomplishing what you set out to do or just making things happen as they come.  I love making lists, it’s this weird OCD habit I have that makes me feel accomplished.  Resolutions are the perfect way to get yourself on track for the coming year.  What are your resolutions for 2014?

  • margret

    Dear Laura, one of the resolutions which are on my list is taking a SUP class from Paddle Diva. I already took SUP classes which I really enjoyed but your blog post inspired me. I am from Germany and I accidently found your blog on the internet while preparing for my first trip to New York/ Manhattan last year. I had a fantastic time there and I think that New York is one of the most interesting places I have ever been to. What I probably liked the most about this trip was the moment when I was in the middle of the Central park very early in the morning all by myself. Being at this quiet place on a sunny day surrounded by this vibrant city was overwhelming Its this mixture of food and art and people and movies and theatres and architecture and cultures… what can I say – I have to come back very soon and check it out from the paddleboard perspective 😉
    Okay what else is on my list:
    Buy fresh flowers every week for decorating my apartment
    Improve my spanish (I plan on a trip to Argentinia and Uruguay in Spring 2015)
    Make the “Meraner Höhenweg” a pretty long hiking trail in the Alps (takes about 8 days)
    Spend a weekend in Paris with a friend
    Buy an acoustic guitar (I already have an e-guitare and take lessons (this was on my list in 2010) but there are songs that sound better with an acoustic guitar)
    Invite my friends and make Cocktails (I really liked the Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel in Singapore last year 😉

    Its this creative spirit of your blog that makes me enjoy reading it so much. Take care Laura,

    • Margret,
      I am reading this and I’m so touched that you took the time to respond in this way. Sometimes I write not knowing if anyone is reading. I just really want to inspire people to explore and live every moment like it’s their last and it looks like you are the same way! I absolutely loved reading your bucket list and it actually gave me some ideas! Have you ever heard of the lost city hike in Colombia? I just learned of it and want to put it on my list. Thank you for your note it was really touching! All the best, Laura

      • margret

        Wow this trail looks adventurous. The “Meraner Höhenweg” which is in the Italian Alps is going to be a great challenge for me. First time hiking from cabin to cabin with a backpack. On last years list was: do something for the very first time each month. I admit that it didnt always work out but its more this general idea or willingness to try out new things and not the dogma. As you mentioned meditation: this was also on my list last year. I spend a week in a Zen Monastary. One week of complete silence, no talking, no looking at the other participants, 10×20 minutes of meditation a day ….. Believe me this was my biggest adventure so far. At the end I had more energy and more awareness than I ever had before: for me, for other people and for life in general. Have a great day, Margret

        • One week of silence! That’s impressive! I also tried to do something new every month and I was pretty successful until the summer. Thanks for sharing Margret!