A Trip Of A Lifetime

{On the canopy}

{I caught a piranha}

{It’s a transparent butterfly}

{Taking a nap with a friend}

{Cute couple}

{Baby fur seal}

{Looking out to sea}

{Baby sea lion in our way}

{Playing under water}

{Blue footed boobie}

{Love the blue feet}

{Fiery crab}

{Cool iguanas}

I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands this past summer. I’ve wanted to go since I was a little girl. In the 4th grade, we learned about these magical places that seemed so exotic, faraway, and wild I never thought I would actually be able to go. I was also lucky enough to go with my favorite person in the world. We went for 2 weeks, 5 days in the Amazon and 8 days cruising around the Galapagos Islands. I can’t really describe to you in words how amazing the trip was. You just need to go and experience it yourself.

Some of my favorite memories from the trip:

  • Seeing pygmy monkeys (so tiny!)
  • Swimming with dolphins in the ocean
  • Walking the canopy walk
  • Swimming in the black lake only to realize there were caymans
  • Swimming with sea lions
  • Diving at Gordons Rock
  • Snorkeling with sharks
  • Crossing the equator
  • Seeing the Southern Cross constellation
  • Seeing giant tortoises
  • Whale watching
  • Chasing sunfishes on the zodiacs

Sacha Lodge

Galapagos Islands
Athala II

  • Dear Laura,
    Thanks for the info, Galapagos Islands vacations as a rule preserve a wildlife concept, as these islands are most widely known for their unusual inhabitants (each animals and plants). Character lovers will be in awe of this environmental ponder, and can commit hours exploring the islands the two on land and on cruises around the islands.

  • Hi There Laura,
    Thanks for the info, Im speaking about a tour that hits all the foremost stops you must make even though there. Like hiking the inca path to machu picchu, and likely into the amazon rainforest. Also heading to the galapagos islands and rio de janeiro. Many thanks for any solutions
    BTW great blogpost