Charlie Bird

I honestly didn’t know that much about Charlie Bird except that many people I know have been raving about it and that it’s grown quite a buzz.  My girlfriends took me there for my birthday dinner and I’m still dreaming about it.  It’s an unassuming space on King street.  You almost miss it if you’re […]


Filipino cuisine is not one that you find very often in restaurants.  When I lived in San Diego, I lived with Filipino roommates who always made lumpias, which are fried spring rolls.  That’s about how extensive my knowledge of Filipino food was. My girlfriend Geena who happens to be Filipino frequents Jeepney, a Filipino gastropub […]


Finding a brunch spot on the weekends can be a daunting task.  There are so many things to consider like the location, the type of food, how long you’re willing to wait, and coordinating with your party to all arrive at the same time so they’ll seat you right away.  It gets even more complicated […]

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Gotham West Market

I was debating about whether I wanted to share my latest discovery or not.  I’ll explain in a little bit.  I decided to finally go to the Gotham West Market after passing by it several times on my runs along the river.  It’s located in an unassuming part of Midtown West on 11th Avenue between 44th and 45th […]


One of the best things about living in the city, is that you can eat any type of cuisine from anywhere around the world.  I have a weekly craving for Middle Eastern food in particular, the falafel.  A falafel is a fried ball made from ground chickpeas and is often served in a pita.  I’ve […]

My Favorite Superfoods

It’s a New Year and I’m ready for clean eating.  After every holiday season, I like to eat clean to reset myself.  I’m a huge foodie so there are no starvation diets here.  I like to eat REAL food that’s nutritious and delicious.  Eating clean is not only about looking good on the outside and […]

Five Best Wines $30 and Less

I am a girl who loves her wine.  I will travel to a destination just for the wine region.  Needless to say, I’ve tasted many different wines in different price ranges.  I often get asked what my favorite wines are that are reasonably priced.  I always have these five wines in my fridge.  They are […]

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Peanut Butter Co

Peanut butter is pure comfort food for me.  I love it on almost everything and it reminds me of my childhood.  My sister and I were in the West Village and needed a quick snack.  I remembered Peanut Butter & Co, an oldie but goodie sandwich shop here in NYC.  It’s a whimsical place that […]

LA Eats

{An afternoon of gallavanting in Newport Beach} I go to Los Angeles every year to visit friends and family.  It’s always filled with love, laughter, reminiscing, and FOOD.  I’m probably the only person you’ll ever meet who goes to LA to eat more but as you know, this New Yorker has a bottomless pit.  Usually […]


I’m an Asian girl through and through.  I’ve been craving ramen this week but because getting ramen in nyc is harder to get into than an exclusive nightclub, I had many failed attempts.  I was acting like a creeper on 9th avenue.  I would do a sly walk by of Totto Ramen and Ippudo to see how long the lines were only […]

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The Crow’s Nest in Montauk

A place so beautiful it brings tears to your eyes.  That’s what happened on Tuesday night when we went the Crow’s Nest in Montauk.  It is hands down one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to.  I know Montauk has been blowing up lately but this place was so serene and relaxing.  Friends […]

Sunset Beach

Shelter Island, a small strip of land in between the South and North Fork, accessible by ferry has always been on me list of places I’ve wanted to visit.  We decided to go to lunch yesterday at Sunset Beach before the weekend crowds come and make it virtually impossible to get a reservation.  Lucky for […]