Amalfi Coast Drive

With Positano as our home base, I really wanted to venture out to the other towns in the Amalfi Coast.  I was told that the best way to see the other towns is to drive to them.  I have been on some epic scenic drives in my life but I have to say that the Amalfi […]


After the Sorrento wedding weekend, My girlfriend Grace came to meet me and together, we went to Positano.  We just thought it was so fitting that two best girlfriends would decide to go to the most romantic town together.  Positano is a town that usually attracts honeymooners and couples.  It is definitely one of the […]

Sorrento & Capri

I went to Sorrento, Italy back in June for my girlfriend’s wedding.  It was my first time in Sorrento and I couldn’t have picked a more romantic place for my good friend Jackie to get married to the love of her life.  After the wedding weekend was over, it definitely solidified for me that I […]


I have a confession to make.  The only two things I knew about Copenhagen was:  1) it’s one of the happiest cities in the world and 2) Noma (the best restaurant in the world) is located there.  My friend Martin, who I met in Paris two years ago at Roseval, was born and raised in […]

The Alhambra

The Alhambra as it’s known today is an Islamic palace that held court for the Nasrid dynasty and later occupied by the Catholic monarchs during their re-conquest of Granada.  When I lived in Granada 12 years ago, I went to the Alhambra 4 times and every time, I was mesmerized by the Islamic architecture, the […]

Granada Twelve Years Later

I studied abroad in Granada, Spain twelve years ago during the Spring semester of my junior year.  I was a doe-eyed twenty year old college girl who prior to this, had never been to Europe let alone outside of the US.  Well, the Caribbean doesn’t count.  If you or anyone you know is contemplating studying […]

Restaurants, Spain

Buckle your seat belts and wear stretchy pants.  Mugaritz is the 6th best restaurant in the world and has two Michelin stars.  The restaurant, which is located in a renovated farmhouse, is about a 20 minute drive from the center of San Sebastián.  The four hour dinner consisted of 23 courses that demanded the use […]

Road Trip to Biarritz

You know the expression, it’s the journey not the destination.  It definitely rang true during our road trip to Biarritz, a luxe seaside town on the French side of the Basque country.  Like it’s Spanish counterpart, Biarritz is a surfer’s haven but visually, it looks very French.  The drive from San Sebastian to Biarritz is […]

San Sebastián

San Sebastián has been on my travel bucket list ever since I studied abroad in Spain 12 years ago.  I couldn’t go then because I knew I would need a decent amount of time to fully appreciate the gastronomy, the scenic beaches and all the sites.  I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to […]

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

Among my friends and family, I’m the planner in the group.  I love doing the research and figuring out all the logistics; I even thrive on making schedules.  I’m a big dork in that way but I vowed that I would let go a little in 2015.  I still revert back to my old ways […]

Paris Scrapbook

You know the saying…Paris is always a good idea.  I was lucky enough to go on a European adventure with three of my best girlfriends and to kick off the adventure, Betty and I started in Paris.  This was my third time in Paris and I have to say, it was just as magical as […]

Christmas in Paris

Christmas 2013, my best friend Janelle and I were wandering the streets of the West Village talking about our wishes for the coming year.  We made a pact that we would do something different and spend Christmas together abroad.  So when I got the opportunity to do an apartment swap mine (NYC) for an apartment […]