Favorite Travel Snacks

1. Justin’s almond butter | 2. gimme organic seaweed | 3. Hu Kitchen dark chocolate | 4. Chia seed bars | 5. Tazo decaf chai tea | 6. Vega one vegan protein shake | 7. Organic mango | 8. Organic pistachios It’s a challenge to eat healthy when you’re traveling.  It’s easy to grab a donut, […]


When you live in a city that is as amazing as New York City, you can take it for granted.  I’m guilty of this; as a native New Yorker, I’m inclined to discover new cities across the US and abroad.  When the weather gets warmer, New Yorkers flee for the weekend.  I decided one weekend […]

Acai Bowls

I was ordering a green juice at Juice Generation a few weeks ago and I noticed that a lot of people were ordering these bowls with fruit and various toppings.  They were acai bowls which I’ve come to learn are thicker smoothies made with acai (ah-sigh-ee), an amazonian berry, as the main ingredient.  They looked […]

New Whitney Museum

The new Whitney Museum just opened on May 1st at its new home in the Meatpacking District.  To say that the new Whitney is totally different from the old one is an under statement.  The new Whitney is airy, clean, modern and has outdoor space which in New York is a feat unto itself.  The space […]

Russ and Daughters

I grew up in New City, NY which has a large Jewish population so our town has an abundance of authentic Jewish delis and the best bagels.  One of my fondest food memories growing up was on Sunday mornings, either my mom or dad would bring my sister and I to Bagel Boys super early. […]

Charlie Bird’s Farro Salad

I’ve been to many restaurants in the city and it’s rare to remember one singular dish at a restaurant; a dish so memorable you think about it all the time.  That dish for me is the farro salad at Charlie Bird (read here).  I went to Charlie Bird for my birthday last year and my […]