ojai sunset
Weekend Guide: Ojai Valley

It’s weird for me to say this but during a recent trip to Southern California, I needed a couple of days outside of the city and the traffic nightmare.  This is weird of course because I’m from New York City which is the definition of chaos.  When I’m on vacation, I crave peace and nature. […]

How to Bargain in the Souk

My closest friends and family will tell you that I actually don’t like shopping.  I’m definitely missing that girl gene.  I do most of my shopping online and at my convenience.  When I travel, my desire to go shopping is even less because I would rather see the sights, meet the locals and eat.  This […]


  Hello from Ojai, CA!  Full write up to follow…    

Flower Ice Cubes

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and while it’s usually a day to celebrate with your significant other, I’m a single gal this year who plans to celebrate with her girlfriends.  I have to say that even when I’m in a relationship, I’m not into Valentine’s Day because it just seems so cheesy.  I […]

Matcha Latte Love

I am obsessed with matcha lattes.  I first discovered them when I was in Korea.  Before that trip, I had never seen them before so I was amazed that there were cafes devoted to matcha.  I love the nutty flavor and the creamy texture.  Matcha also happens to be good for your health because unlike […]

Marrakech Day 4

We all woke up on our final day in Marrakech with a mission to see as much as we could before we had to leave.  The plan was to eat breakfast, take a 2 hour walking tour while seeing Bahia Palace, Badi Palace, the Saadian Tombs and eat our last lunch before we head to the […]