Charlie Bird’s Farro Salad

I’ve been to many restaurants in the city and it’s rare to remember one singular dish at a restaurant; a dish so memorable you think about it all the time.  That dish for me is the farro salad at Charlie Bird (read here).  I went to Charlie Bird for my birthday last year and my […]

5 Ingredient Strawberry Tart

If you’re a busy chick like me who loves homemade desserts but can’t spend all day baking; this strawberry tart recipe is perfect because it only requires 5 ingredients.  When I’m cooking for a dinner party, dessert is usually the last thing I’m thinking about only because the actual dinner takes so much preparation.  I […]

pretty salads
Spring Recipes

Salad with edible flowers and strawberries Who else has been hibernating this Winter?  It’s April 1st and it’s finally feeling more like Spring here in NY (well sort of).  With Summer only a few months away, I’m cleaning up my diet and amping up my workout regime.  The warmer, longer days and the imminent approach […]

Momofuku Milk Bar Classes

Momofuku Milk Bar is one of my favorite bakeries here in New York.  I first discovered it years ago after an amazing dinner at the newly opened Momofuku in the East Village; we went next door to their Milk Bar to have dessert.  What makes this bakery unique from the others is they offer classic favorites […]

jesus year
My Jesus Year

I first heard about the Jesus year from my friend Lucy when I was in LA in February.  She said the 33rd year is very symbolic because Jesus died when he was 33 so when you turn 33, it should trigger feelings of mortality.  It sounds more morbid than it actually is.  I see it […]

Stick With Me Sweets

I’m one of those chicks who needs to have a piece of chocolate every day.  My day wouldn’t feel complete without a sweet ending to a meal.  Last weekend, my sister and I were gallivanting in Soho when we decided that we needed something sweet after our semi-healthy brunch (read here).  We stumbled upon Stick […]