Pineapple Flower Vase

I love Summer birthdays even though mine is in March.  I love pool parties, popsicles, BBQs, and water gun fights.  I go all out for my friends and families’ birthdays when they are in the Summer because it’s so much more fun to celebrate outdoors with fun props.  I made these for my aunt’s birthday […]

Québec City

My girlfriends and I wanted to take a girls trip for a weekend in April.  We were debating between warm and cold destinations.  In April, you can go either way.  My girlfriend Marcella has always wanted to go to Québec City.  I’ve honestly never even considered going to Québec City; mostly because I didn’t know […]

The Perfect Girls Weekend

I very much believe there is a recipe for the perfect girls weekend: 1) an easy-going and organized hostess 2) a good group of girls preferably all easy-going 3) good wine 4) really well stocked in wine 5) good food 6) and location, location location!  I met my good gal pal Natasha exactly 6 years […]

United States

My college roommate moved to Atlanta last Fall and I was due for a visit.  I didn’t know that much about Atlanta.  I’ve only been to Atlanta once as a kid.  My family went on a road trip to Disney world in Florida and Atlanta was one of our pit stops.  I have to be […]

Victoria Falls

I can honestly say that I’ve never considered traveling by myself.  Not only did the idea scare me, I just didn’t see the point.  I believed that the whole point of going on a trip is to share that experience with someone.  I don’t even know what changed my mind.  Maybe it’s getting older or […]

Capetown Part II

One of my favorite days in Capetown was on Easter Sunday when we drove South on Chapman’s Peak Drive.  Our destination was Boulder’s Beach in Simon’s Town to see the penguins but what was amazing about our road trip were the stops along the way.  Chapman’s Peak Drive is one of the most stunning drives […]