Victoria Falls

I can honestly say that I’ve never considered traveling by myself.  Not only did the idea scare me, I just didn’t see the point.  I believed that the whole point of going on a trip is to share that experience with someone.  I don’t even know what changed my mind.  Maybe it’s getting older or […]

Capetown Part II

One of my favorite days in Capetown was on Easter Sunday when we drove South on Chapman’s Peak Drive.  Our destination was Boulder’s Beach in Simon’s Town to see the penguins but what was amazing about our road trip were the stops along the way.  Chapman’s Peak Drive is one of the most stunning drives […]

Capetown Part I

After our safari adventure (read here), Sarah and I went to Capetown for a week.  We were extremely lucky because our cousin Chris had been living there for a year doing research so he already found the best spots and knew the inside scoop to the city.  What is there to say about Capetown that […]


It’s been just about a month since I returned from Africa.  I haven’t been up-to-date on my posts for a combination of reasons: one, it took me a while to digest and to reflect on my experience and two, I’ve been non-stop traveling since I got back from Africa while working a full time job. […]

Mini Fruit Tarts

A few weeks ago, I hosted a dinner party for twelve of my family members for my mama’s birthday.  I made a huge mediterranean inspired dinner (her favorite); so for dessert, I needed a recipe that was easy and didn’t take too much of my time.  My mama also had one request, it had to […]

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My West Village Apartment

Ever since I was a little girl, my dream was to live in the West Village.  I’ve always thought that the West Village was so charming with its old preserved buildings, cobbled stone streets and all the amazing restaurants.  For two years, I got my wish; I lived in a late 1800’s historic building on […]