Mini Fruit Tarts

A few weeks ago, I hosted a dinner party for twelve of my family members for my mama’s birthday.  I made a huge mediterranean inspired dinner (her favorite); so for dessert, I needed a recipe that was easy and didn’t take too much of my time.  My mama also had one request, it had to […]

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My West Village Apartment

Ever since I was a little girl, my dream was to live in the West Village.  I’ve always thought that the West Village was so charming with its old preserved buildings, cobbled stone streets and all the amazing restaurants.  For two years, I got my wish; I lived in a late 1800’s historic building on […]

Strawberry Heart Pie
Strawberry Heart Pie

I first published this recipe for strawberry heart pie on June 20th 2012 for my dad’s birthday and it is the single most popular post on my blog.  This is the recipe that I get the most comments and questions for and surprisingly, from all over the world.  Since it’s 10 days from Valentine’s Day, […]

A Month Without

I don’t mean to sound dramatic but red wine is my love.  The problem was that my love turned into an unconscious obsession.  I looked to wine after a bad day, after a great day, celebrations and random Tuesdays.  I usually give wine as gifts, I drink wine post workout, pre-dinner drinks, post dinner drinks, […]

Spaghetti Squash Pasta

I’m a huge fan of carbs but every once and a while, I need to reset my body.  Especially after drinking beers and eating nachos for two weeks in Central America.  I’ve been making spaghetti squash pasta for years and I thought it would be great to share this recipe since it’s so easy to […]

Latin America

For this post, I suggest you curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee or tea and get cozy because this is a long one… After a relaxing week on the beach in Utila, we had 5 full days in Guatemala and this part of the trip was going to be a whirlwind.  […]